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Tend to your sheep on the South Island of New Zealand. 

1-4 Players  |  75-150 Mins  |  Ages 12+

In Great Western Trail: New Zealand, you are a runholder — that is, the owner of a sheep station — on the South Island of New Zealand at the end of the 19th century. Recent years have seen your family farm prosper by diversifying your breeds of sheep and by increasing the value of your wool.

With the dawn of the new century, new challenges have arisen. You must acquire new and improved breeds of sheep to ensure the prosperity of your family business and the laborers who work for you.

  • Customized start by each unlocking a disc of their choice from a white cornered space
  • A fourth of worker: sheep shearer.
  • Introducing a second type of delivery: wool
  • Various sets of bonus cards each game.
  • Advancing on the pathfinder track will unl(Rk different bonuses.
  • Half of the neutral buildings will change mid-game.
  • Streamlined job market and upkeep when delivering your sheep.

This Stand-Alone Game Is The Epic Conclusion To A Great Trilogy.