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Rumble In The Dungeon

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The dungeon below the castle beckons you and the siren song of gold and riches is the reward. In Rumble in the Dungeon, twelve different adventurers will enter the catacombs, but only one will last until the end. You will get dealt two secret character identities that you'll want to keep in the dungeon as long as possible. Each turn you move one of the characters or start a battle in a room of two or more people. One character gets eliminated and arranged according to the order they left the dungeon. The longer your secret characters stay in the dungeon, the more points you will earn. After three rounds, the player that has collected the most points is the winner! If you manage to escape the dungeon with the king's treasure chest, you automatically win that round!

Board Game Genre: {{board_game_genre}}: Multiplayer,Bluffing,Deduction,Party Game