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Have fun with your children without even lifting a fishing pole when you play the Let’s Go Fishin’ Game. You can introduce your children to fishing as a game, thanks to this fun activity. This is a gambit where kids try to get the most fish even as they improve their hand and eye coordination. This childrens’ board game is an action-packed contest that comes with a deluxe base that rotates in the water with or without music. The game is simple to set up and play. As the base rotates, the fish open and close their mouths, and they go up and down in the water. The concept is to catch more fish than the other players. Up to four people can play this fishing board game,. Everything you need to play this game is included, such as 21 colorful fish and four plastic poles. You can introduce your children to a fun and leisurely activity without even going near the water or messing with bait, worms and other fishing accessories. It can be played inside or outside based on where your party or activities are located. Even if your children aren’t anglers, it is still a fun game that will provide hours of entertainment to you and your family. You can make this part of a family game night or include it with other activities at a party. Its colorful design and sounds will make the game interesting and entertaining. Let your kids play Let’s Go Fishin’ Game and see who catches the most fish to win the grand prize. Contents: Deluxe base 21 colorful fish 4 plastic fishing poles Kids’ fishing game for 1 to 4 players • Requires 1 x C battery (not included)