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Knights of the Round: Academy is a story-driven role-playing game inspired by Shonen
anime, Robot anime of the 90s, Japanese school comedies, and JRPGs, with a dedicated set
of rules that will use Traits to describe your characters, and dice to resolve any conflict with
interesting and narrative outcomes.
To play with this original RPG you need dice, and Knights of the Round: Academy - 24
Custom Dice set is a nice package with all the dice you
need to play: a set of 24 custom dice, subdivided in 6d4,
6d6, 6d8 and 6d12.
These dice will be enough to let the entire the group
play, as there are no opposed rolls (although there are
rules for Player vs Player action).
6 units of each dice are everything you need, as a
Student cannot use more than 6d8 and 6d12, while Difficulty will
change those into d6s and d4s, and the average roll will have around
4 to 8 dice.