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This is a revamped version of one of Red Raven's earliest titles. Meticulously redesigned to give more balance, immersion, and great new artwork! In Empires of the Void II, each player has been given command of a mission by an alien empire to establish a foothold at the fringe of the galaxy. The game begins when their massive Worldships reach the fringe, where they must explore, wage war, use diplomacy, and construct buildings to gain victory. The fringe is sparsely populated, and many of the sentient species here are struggling to survive, leaving huge regions of planets open for exploration and colonization. Many species are eager to ally themselves with a powerful empire to gain security and stability in a chaotic and difficult time. Journey through the dangerous fringe of the galaxy Conquer or befriend the aliens you meet Quick, strategic battles Over 100 action and event cards weave a unique narrative