Mage Wars OP Kit 4 Coverging Fronts


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For the seventh time that morning a scout rushed into the tent of General Hellios Arella Marieus, quickly pressing a report into the hands of Graachus, the general?s aide, before rushing back out again. As before, Graachus patiently the wooden figures arrayed on the map of the borderlands. A large mass of red figures? the so-called ?Bloodwave??clustered near the most important city of Westlock: Victoria. A much smaller number of green figures stood around the city. Mage Wars Organized Play Kit cannot be sold to the general public and are only for trade customers running Mage Wars Events. This kit contains: 36 gold foil-stamped promo Spell Cards Event Guide Story Guide How to Teach Mage Wars booklet Large Art Display Poster Sign Up Poster All inside a beautiful full-color folder

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