DG30AA 30MM Large Size D6 With Pips


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These stunning looking D6 dice measure ~30mm tall (they measure almost exactly 29.2mm – 1.14 inches – tall but are offically called 30mm by Chessex)! The pips are etched into the surface and are very nicely painted. The corners are rounded which helps prevent denting playing surfaces…or a wild roll from really hurting someone! Use these dice to impress your gaming buddies, for educational demonstrations, for the seeing impaired, or for whatever your imagination can come up with.

Purchase includes a single D6 selected at random from Chessex’s Gemini®, Festive®, Scarab®, Vortex®, Glitter®, Velvet®, and other 30mm D6 lines.

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Dimensions 3 × 13 × 23 cm


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